40 plus Mum has baby

Hello, I have a confession to make; I’m in my mid 40’s and I’m Mum to a 4 year old. According to studies out there I should be tired as hell and have the patience of a pit bull. I mean who in their right mind would start raising a child in their 40’s without a Nanny and a group of helpers?!

When I started my parenting journey I was 20. Our family of four was already looking great when our youngest daughter was born in 1998.
So when the pregnancy stick showed up those two wonderful lines 15 years later, I was more than a little in denial about being pregnant. Even the chemist was looking at me with slight suspicion as I purchased my 25th pregnancy test.

Newsflash, I loving it more than ever. Call me crazy but I’m a little more mellow now, and although I still get worried about the usually parenting struggles like eating, behaviour etc I am more relaxed.
I’ve got to say though that not everyone is a big fan of us taking the parenting journey again, but that’s okay, we have heard almost all the negatives.
I mean we may not be around when our girl gets married; no one knows what is around the corner or when our time is up, but we are giving it our best shot to be healthy.
“What if people think we are her grandparents?” Families come in so many different forms now, and so far I think we aren’t looking too shabby.
“How on earth will we keep up with her sports and have fun?” Did someone just say roller skating and waterslide?!

As for the tired part, I believe I’ve been tired for the last 25 years so nothing has changed. Please don’t think I am saying wait till you are 40 plus to start having children because it’s a personal choice and we really are blessed. Really what I want to say is no one knows what will come next, and it may be even better than what you expected. If you are looking for me you will find me on the swing at the park besides my 4 yr old .

Were you happy with the age you became a parent?

Jules x
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