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In 4 weeks we will be on a plane travelling to Japan and to say we are excited is a giant understatement. It has been a dream of mine since high school and hopefully the first of many more travel adventures .

For two weeks hubby and will I  be travelling in Tokyo, Osaka , Kyoto and surrounding areas with our 4 year old. Packing light is hopefully going to leave us a little room for a couple of purchases while we are in Japan. I am also positive that we may have our suitcases high jacked by a few minions after our visit to Universal studios.

I have been busy checking the weather for our trip to Japan in 4 weeks. It will be autumn and we will be relying on Japans rail system and our feet to get us around . Getting ready for our trip has given me a chance to sort through my wardrobe and do some major culling . Making room for some new additions to my wardrobe has resulted in me donating or giving away more than 1/2 my wardrobe.

I have enjoyed purchasing  some new key wardrobe pieces. If you follow me over on Instagram you will know that comfort is important to me when it comes to fashion. Spending some money on the basics has always worked for me. Some of my key pieces have remained in my wardrobe for a few years and are still going strong.

We are allowing ourselves 16 pieces of clothing each besides pjs and underwear.  Here is my capsule travel wardrobe for two weeks in Japan in autumn.

1.   Katies cotton stripe tee /  2. Denim Jacket Crossroads / 3.Sleeveless drape pocket shell top – Kmart   /  4. Emerge tie front shirt – Ezibuy / 5. Cuffed Chino cotton on  / 6. Black and white Mia joggers TSID /7. Bamboo easy dress in khaki (White Haven Emporium) / 8. Zip front Denim skirt Katies / 9. regular-straight-ultimate-jean /10. . . Tennis Sneakers Pink – Kmart/ 11 long-sleeves-waterfall-cardi- Kmart/ 12. Boots Novo (these are similar to the ones I will be taking)/ 13. Round toe caramel flats Big W / 14. Capture Kimono dress flower print – Ezibuy /15. H&M Utility shirt / 16. Rubi shoes Jodi sneakers (currently not in stock – similar here)

I am looking forward to showing you how I wear my travel wardrobe while away and letting you know how it worked when I return from my trip. I have tried to make sure any of my new purchases are all going to be long term contenders in my wardrobe and all pieces are under $70.

Do you have any great packing tips? I would love to hear them

Jules x


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